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Alzheimer’s Home Care Fairfield CT: Is Full-Time Alzheimer’s Care Needed as the Disease Progresses?

A Client’s Personal Story of Handling Alzheimer’s Home Care

When Marley went to the doctor’s, she had been joking with her daughter that she probably had Alzheimer’s because she was forgetting too many things in recent months. In fact, there were times during the previous couple of years when she couldn’t seem to remember simple things, but she always passed it off as senility, or just her age. At 70, she wasn’t thinking anything about Alzheimer’s care.

She simply didn’t think that she had Alzheimer’s, just some problems keeping certain information straight in her head. When the doctor gave her the diagnosis, she was more than surprised; she was frightened. She had heard all sorts of horror stories about the darkness of the disease, the feeling of utter aloneness during the final stages of the disease, and she didn’t want to go through that.

She didn’t want to forget that she had a daughter, or about her husband of 45 years who had passed away two years earlier. She didn’t want to consider life between the blank pages of her memories. Yet those were things that she had no control over.

When she was first diagnosed, she talked to a number of specialists who recommended certain levels of care for her. She was told that the earlier that she planned for her long-term care, the better it was going to be for her during the final stages of the disease.

She talked to her daughter about this diagnosis and they discussed a plan. Her daughter believed that she would do fine with just her assistance for now, but in time she would require full-time care. The professionals had recommended this as well, but they also suggested that if they were going to hire full-time care, to at least hire someone part-time now, who would eventually be her full-time caregiver in the future.

This was because the more that Marley got to know the caregiver, the more comfortable she would be with her, and the routine, during those latter stages of the disease. It made sense, so they looked into their options.

One option was to hire an in home caregiver with experience with Alzheimer’s care. Another was to move into an assisted living facility. Marley wanted to remain at home where she lived with her husband for almost 30 years of their marriage.

As Alzheimer’s progresses, the care that an individual requires will increase and full-time care will likely be necessary by the end stages of the disease.

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Jay Kiley

Jay Kiley has spent over well over 30 years providing world class customer service to clients around the world. Whether it was during his career in banking as asenior officer with Fortune 500 companies or working with some of the wealthiest people in the world with the Superyacht Rigging Company he owned with his brother; customer service was and is first and foremost.

As the Regional Developer of SYNERGY HomeCare in Connecticut for the past several years Kiley again puts the customer’s needs first. Working with the four five SYNERGY HomeCare Connecticut offices, Danbury, Bristol, Stamford, East Haven and Fairfield, which he owns with his wife of 34 years,Laurie, he has lead the SYNERGY CareTeam to tremendous growth and continued success. Knowing first hand how health, aging and memory care issues can take a toll on a family, he is a very hands-on owner. He makes his cell phone available to all clients and their families providing more than just care, Kiley provides solutions to his client’s care needs and peace of mind to their family.

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