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How Coffee Can Affect Hospital Readmission Rates (and How to Reduce Them)

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Danbury, CT

Reducing-Hospital-Readmission-RatesA hospital readmission is defined as any time a person has to be readmitted within 30 days of discharge. The federal government is placing increased pressure on hospitals to reduce these readmission rates. For seniors who may have been hospitalized following a medical emergency, scheduled surgery, slip and fall accident, or for any other reason, there will be some time period for recovery once they are discharged.

Changing their diet, focusing on getting the proper level of exercise, and more are all going to be incredibly important in the recovery process. One aspect that can easily be overlooked happens to be caffeine consumption.

How caffeine affects the body.

Most people don’t really feel the direct effects of caffeine when they have their cup of coffee in the morning, during the afternoon, and even during the evening hours. The same can be said about soda and other caffeinated beverages, including energy drinks.

Caffeine is a stimulant and is addictive, regardless of what many people assume. It’s one of the reasons why people who tend to drink a lot of coffee may experience headaches and other physical symptoms when they don’t consume the caffeine their body has become accustomed to over time.

When trying to fall asleep at night it may become more difficult for them to get rest because of the caffeine still coursing through their body. That can directly affect recovery because if the senior is not getting enough sleep (restful sleep, that is) throughout the night it can make it far more difficult for them to have energy to do exercise, physical therapy, and take care of themselves in other ways.

What can be done to help in this particular situation?

Cutting back on caffeine consumption is one of the best options, at least in the short term. This doesn’t mean the elderly individual has to stop drinking coffee altogether, but they should be encouraged to stop consuming caffeinated beverages after 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

If they do this for a couple of weeks they should begin to notice an improvement in their sleep patterns after the first week. It takes about eight hours for caffeine to completely leave the body, but for the body to get back to a normal and healthy sleep pattern, it can take several days.

No matter how long it actually takes the senior to feel better at night and get more rest, it will have a positive impact on being able to reduce hospital readmission rates.

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