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The Impact COPD Can Have on Aging Veterans and Why Home Care is So Important


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COPD is a very serious lung disease that can affect people as they get older. The most common cause of COPD is smoking, but it can also develop from other conditions. For an elderly veteran who may have been diagnosed with COPD, relying on proper care at home is incredibly important for a number of reasons.

November is National COPD Month and in order to understand the impact that this particular disease can have on an elderly veteran, it’s a good idea to understand the most common signs and symptoms of it.

Common signs and symptoms of COPD.

Shortness of breath is one of the most common symptoms that people may experience when they have this particular disease. This will usually be exacerbated when they are taking part in physical activities. For an elderly veteran, going for a walk can exacerbate their symptoms, making it difficult for them to breathe.

Wheezing is also another common symptom. If they’re having difficulty drawing in a good, quality breath of fresh air, their body is not getting the proper amount of oxygen, including to the brain.

A chronic cough. If a chronic cough produces sputum that is either clear, with white, yellow, or greenish, this can be a side effect of COPD.

The senior may also have a blue tint to their lips or fingernail beds and be susceptible to frequent respiratory infections. They may also have a lack of energy and begin losing weight, even though they may be trying to avoid that.

So how can home care help these veterans?

An experienced home care aide can provide optimal support for somebody dealing with this very serious condition. They can keep an eye on the senior and help them avoid certain strenuous activities that may exacerbate the condition, causing shortness of breath or wheezing. They may also be able to focus on particular signs and symptoms that a respiratory infection may be developing.

The sooner an elderly individual gets the proper medical care for any respiratory infection, the better the prospects are going to be. As people get older their immune system is going to be weakened and that means it may be more difficult for an aging veteran to recover properly from this condition.

It can be frightening to deal with COPD. Living alone can make things even more challenging. That’s why hiring a professional and experienced home care aide from an agency can be a great support system to any elderly veteran dealing with this disease.

If you or an aging loved one are considering care for aging veterans in Stamford, CT or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Stamford, CT at 203-661-6969.

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