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Even Veterans May Need Home Care Support

Care for Aging Veterans in Stamford CT

Care for Aging VeteransVeterans can be a proud group of men and women. They served their country, maybe even fighting in an active combat situation. Through their service, they likely received a great deal of discipline and strengthening. When they returned to civilian life, they were likely much different than when they first went into the military.

Many veterans have strong independence and the ability to take care of themselves and others. They can provide this care through financial support, physical support, and even emotional strength and support.

Over time, to children, other family members, and friends, many of these veterans may seem almost invincible, regardless of the challenges they face in life. As they reach a certain age, though, they will begin facing many of the same challenges other elderly individuals deal with on a daily basis. This can include difficulty getting up and down stairs, being unable to perform the same task they could just a few years ago, and more.

The moment a senior is having difficulty with his or her own basic care, that’s the moment they need to consider home care support services.

What is home care support?

A lot of family members take it upon themselves to provide the care and support their aging loved ones need. This can include stopping by to check on them, helping them prepare meals for the week, doing laundry for them, helping them clean, taking them to doctor’s appointments, and more.

A home care aide hired through an agency will provide these very same services, and quite a bit more as well. An experienced caregiver would get to know the senior, find out what his interests are, activities he used to enjoy, and will begin discussing the prospect of taking part in some other activities again, even if in limited ways.

A home care aide can be an incredible asset to aging veterans, especially those who may be living alone following the loss of a spouse or other loved one. This level of companionship cannot be understated. Feeling lonely, cut off from everyone, and forgotten by family and friends can lead to depression, stress, and anxiety.

Just because a senior served in the United States military in their past doesn’t mean they are immune to the same challenges other seniors face. If a family member, friend, or even a neighbor recognizes that home care may benefit an elderly veteran, they should bring the topic up with the senior himself or herself. Gather as much information about the services as possible in order to answer questions the veteran might have in the beginning of this discussion.

If you or an aging loved one are considering care for aging veterans in Stamford, CT or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Stamford, CT at 203-661-6969.

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