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5 Benefits of Staying Home for Aging Veterans

Care for Aging Veterans in Bristol CT

Care-for-Aging-VeteransAging veterans will face many of the same challenges that other elderly individuals will as they get older. Some of these challenges can be a loss of strength, making it more difficult to get around easily, safety issues, and more. For veterans, relying on home care can be tremendously beneficial. It can allow them to remain in the comfort of their own home, perhaps where they’ve lived most of their life, through their final years.

There are so many incredible benefits that being able to remain at home can offer. Here are five benefits that elderly veterans can enjoy when they choose to remain home and get the proper level of care in order to do so.

Benefit #1: Comfort.

When somebody has to move out of their house, the place they’ve lived for many years or even decades, it can create an uncomfortable situation. Even moving in with an adult child or other family member can cause some anxiety.

Comfort is a major factor in positive health, especially emotional health and well-being. Any opportunity the elderly veteran has to remain home, even if they need extra care, should be taken.

Benefit #2: Safety.

The aging veteran may be at increased risk of slipping and falling in the bathtub or shower or even going downstairs to the basement, but that doesn’t mean safety can’t be improved with a home care aide working with them throughout the day.

When the senior is aware of his or her surroundings, it can improve safety because they know where everything is; they know the layout of the house intimately.

Benefit #3: Closer to friends.

Wherever people live for many years, they usually develop strong friendships. This could be with neighbors or other veterans in the community. Moving somewhere else can put them out of reach with those friends and that can cause emotional anxiety and distress.

Benefit #4: Cost.

If the aging veteran owns his home, the cost of relying on a home care aide is far less than most other living arrangements. For veterans who may be on a limited income, if they served during an active time of combat they may qualify for the Aid and Attendance Benefit through the VA which can help pay for that type of care at home.

Benefit #5: Control.

When an elderly veteran is adamant about staying home, or aging in place, and she realizes it’s possible, even if he has to rely on outside support, it can help him feel as though he is still in control of his life.

All of these benefits can be incredibly important to veterans as they age.

If you or an aging loved one are considering care for aging veterans in Bristol, CT or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Bristol at 860-597-3924.

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Sandy Fiorito

Director of Care Services at SYNERGY HomeCare of Greater Bristol
Sandy Fiorito RN, is the Director of Care Services at Synergy Homecare of Greater Bristol.Sandy has been a nurse for over 35 years with a wide range of experience in hospital settings.Most recently she was the head nurse for the medical component at the Wheeler Clinic’s Northwest Village School.Sandy’s skills as a nurse are a great asset to Synergy clients because she is able to successful bridge the non-medical care with the skilled care aspects of a client’s needs.

What our clients say most is that they come to rely on Sandy’s calm assurance when they discuss the plans to keep their loved ones at home.They also love her calm way with their elderly parents as they make the sometimes difficult transition to having to acknowledge the need to have help.

Sandy loves to work on her flowers in the yard and golf.The rest of her free time is spent with her three grandchildren.

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