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Home Care is a Great Option for Seniors Dealing with Hearing Loss

Home Care Options for Seniors in Milford CT

Home Care Options for Seniors in Milford CTLosing any of your five senses can be difficult to deal with, but as people get older the risks of this increase. The most common to senses that can be impacted as people get older are vision and hearing. For any elderly individual who is dealing with some type of hearing loss, home care is a great option.

That’s because an experienced home care aide can provide a number of wonderful supports to the senior to help them make the necessary accommodations that not only keep them safe, but also provide them a high quality of life.

Hearing aids are commonly used to help combat hearing loss, but they aren’t always as effective as some seniors would prefer. Depending on the type of hearing loss, the condition that is leading to it, it can impact the ability of hearing aids to be effective.

So how does a home care aide offer valuable support?

One of the best ways they do this is through a vast wealth of experience. Many experienced home care aides have worked with other seniors who have dealt with a variety of stages of hearing and vision loss. They develop strategies and tools that help them communicate, provide comfort for the senior, and even encourage that elderly individual to pursue activities that are important to them.

Answering the phone, hearing the doorbell, and even having a conversation with a friend who stops over to visit can be an increasingly difficult challenge for some seniors, depending on the level of hearing loss he or she is experiencing at that time. A home care aide can provide both valuable support to the senior by answering the phone if requested, listening for the doorbell or a knock on the door, and even be a mediator to help those who don’t quite fully understand how hearing loss can affect them by showing them how to communicate more effectively.

For any senior who is dealing with some type of hearing loss, if it is impacting their daily life, the quality of life, or their ability to care properly for themselves, it’s time to discuss the prospect of professional home care services. If that is an option that appeals to the senior, they should contact or have a family member contact an agency in the area to determine what type of support services are available, especially for those who have some type of hearing loss.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services in Milford, CT, or the surrounding areas, please contact the friendly staff at SYNERGY HomeCare. Call today! 203-713-9446

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Abid Mahmud

Abid is a Partner in SYNERGY HomeCare of Milford. Abid joined SYNERGY HomeCare in July 2015 and since then has been involved in actively promoting the business of non-medical home care that specializes in providing personalized and comprehensive home care plans allowing clients to maintain their quality of life and independence in a familiar environment. He oversees complete operations of the business with an aim to propel the business in the most proficient manner by offering cost-effective and efficient solutions to the clients.

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