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Optimism Directly Impacts Hospital Readmission Rates

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Milford CT

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Milford CTHow a person views the world around them and their personal abilities to accomplish certain things or overcome various challenges is going to have a direct influence on their ability to actually achieve certain goals. When it comes to a hospitalization, many doctors and hospital administrative staff members are focused on reducing readmission rates, but seniors and others may be more focused on getting back to their normal way of life.

March is Optimism Month and a person’s ability to remain positive, even in the most difficult circumstances and during their darkest times is a powerful force that can help them stay healthy, get stronger, and more importantly stay motivated to continue down this path.

The recovery process.

The recovery process is different for everyone. For some seniors they may require a visiting nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and other medical professionals stopping by and supporting them at home. Other seniors may need to visit their doctor once a week or more frequently for follow-up appointments and examinations, which can include giving blood samples and more.

When so many appointments are on a person’s schedule, it can make it difficult to plan for other activities, including traveling, spending time with friends, and more. If somebody is used to traveling and suddenly feels grounded and tied to their house because of all of these doctor appointments, nurses and other caregivers stopping by their home, and more, it will have a direct impact on their overall mindset.

How can a person stay more positive?

Being optimistic is not something people are born to have. It is a conscious choice. When somebody is pessimistic and doesn’t see the value in certain things in life, including making the right effort during a recovery, that is a choice.

The people around that individual can help them make better choices and, ultimately stay more positive and optimistic by encouraging them to see the value in what they’re doing. For example, letting a senior know they will likely be able to get back to traveling or spending time with friends, or anything else, as long as they stay committed to the recovery process and do their part, it can do wonders to help them see the value in these tasks.

Optimism is tough. But it’s not impossible. For anyone who is focused on reducing hospital readmission rates, either for themselves or a loved one, having an optimistic outlook on things is going to go a long way toward helping them recover and avoid a return trip to the hospital.

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Abid Mahmud

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