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Inspect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors to Improve Senior Home Safety

Senior Home Safety in Milford CT

Senior Home Safety in Milford CTIf you were to ask 10 friends or family members how often they check their smoke detectors or even carbon monoxide detectors at home, you might be met with some quizzical looks. The vast majority of people in America don’t actively inspect their smoke detectors or any other detectors in their home unless there is a problem. This is usually when the battery runs low enough so that the intermittent beeping begins to go off, usually in the middle of the night, at the most inopportune time.

March 8th is Check Your Batteries Day and it’s a great reminder that these devices function for a very good reason and need to have batteries that are in good condition so they work properly.

Removing the battery.

It’s far too easy and convenient when a smoke detectors going off in the middle the night to just grab a chair, get up on it, and pull the battery out of the smoke detector to shut it off. The last thing most people want to do at 3 o’clock in the morning when they are exhausted is to root through a drawer or try to find a replacement battery.

Another reason many people remove the battery from a smoke detector is when they’re cooking something that’s smoking, setting off the alarm. It’s a quick solution to the current problem, but it’s far too easy to forget to replace the battery later on.

It’s always best to completely remove and replace the battery, even if it is in the middle of the night when it’s going off than to assume you’ll remember later. An elderly individual may have a much more difficult time even checking their smoke or carbon monoxide detectors because of balance related issues or loss of strength in their legs.

If they have to take a stepladder out or move a kitchen chair over to the detector, for example, it can be an uncomfortable situation. If they begin to lose their balance when they’re on the ladder or chair, it can lead to some serious injuries. As a result, they may simply ignore it and hope for the best.

Family members, friends, or even neighbors may be able to help check those batteries and replace them as needed. Relying on a home care aide could also be a great asset because these caregivers often encourage their senior clients to stay on top of safety issues at home.

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