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Hearing Loss Directly Affects Safety for Seniors at Home

Senior Home Safety in East Haven CT

Senior Home Safety in East Haven CTFor most people, being able to hear somebody talking to them is something they take for granted. It’s a natural thing that when you have all of your senses working properly you get used to that and don’t think much about the prospect of losing your eyesight or hearing. However, as people get older, the risk of hearing loss increases, especially if they have a family history of this or have been exposed to excessive noises throughout much of their life.

In today’s world, children, including young children, teens, and young adults often listen to music at incredibly loud volumes. Even though medical professionals and other experts have been warning about the long-term repercussions of this, that doesn’t seem to stop many of them. Over time, this exposure to loud music or other noises will cause damage to the inner ear, especially the follicles that are responsible for detecting differences in the wavelengths of air entering the ear canal.

For an elderly individual, whether or not he or she listened to loud music in their younger years, they may have been exposed to loud noises at work, especially if they worked in construction, a loud office environment, or spent a significant amount of time in some other noisy environment.

As they get older they will begin to experience the effects of hearing loss and this can affect safety for that senior at home. There are number of reasons why safety can be negatively impacted by hearing loss.

Not being able to hear others from across the room.

If the senior is doing something at home and doesn’t hear a loved one, friend, or even a neighbor calling out to them trying to warn them about something, it can put them at increased risk.

If they are talking to their doctor or receiving some type of important instructions about their health or the things they should be looking out for, they may not be able to hear clearly and, instead of asking for clarification or for the person to repeat themselves, they will simply nod and make it appear as though they heard. This can put them and others at risk.

Being unable to hear a smoke detector.

If an elderly individual lives alone and has hearing loss and the smoke detector goes off in the middle of the night, they might not hear it. This can prevent them from getting out of the house safely in the event of a fire.

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Gordon A. Wall

Hello, my name is Gordon Wall and I am the President and owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of East Haven, Ct. My wife and I have been in the medical field for 35 years as I am a Registered Pharmacist and my wife a Registered Nurse. Although SYNERGY HomeCare is a non-medical agency, together we have a long history of medical expertise that is beneficial in providing homecare services.

We understand the challenges, both physically and mentally, that are involved in caring for aging parents, as we have had our own personal experiences, and are aware of the demands it places on family members as they endeavor to maintain their own household/lives. We are very passionate about maintaining the integrity of the workers and the dignity of the clients. We strive to make aging and healing a beautiful part of life and realize the importance of staying in ones home to achieve this. Whatever age requires the service.....'There is no place like home'.

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