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Mom’s Moving in, but You May Still Need a Caregiver

Caregiver Stress in Fairfield CT

Caregiver Stress You’ve been talking it over with your mother, your sister, and maybe even other family members and she’s finally agreed to move in with you. You and the rest of your family had been worried about her safety for some time. You felt that she wasn’t able to keep up with the housework, is no longer able to drive and that was making it difficult for her to remain positive in life, and you had the extra space and felt this was a reasonable solution.

You might not think of yourself as a family caregiver, especially after your mother was in with you, but if she requires assistance (or required help) at home living alone, she is likely going to require help at your house as well. That means you will become her de facto caregiver unless you hire a home care aide.

The stress of being a caregiver.

There are plenty of reasons why people become overwhelmed with stress in life. Financial pressures, work, raising children, dealing with relationships, community service, and much more can all create increased levels of stress. People deal with stress and many different ways.

As a family caregiver, worrying about your elderly loved one, having an aging parent living with you, and especially not feeling as though you have time to focus on yourself can all lead to increased levels of stress and an inability to reduce that stress.

It’s far too easy to assume that just having an aging parent or other loved one move into the same house with you is a reasonable solution to not only keep them safe, but also help them stay positive in life. However, certain complications can arise with this particular type of situation.

Relationship troubles.

When two adults move in together, especially a parent and adult child, tension can build between the two. The parent may have certain expectations about how things are done with the adult child, being his or her own home, have developed their own habits. Both of these individuals want to be respected, but if the relationship dynamic isn’t perfect, it can lead to relationship problems.

Safety issues.

It’s easy to look at one’s own home and miss some common safety issues, especially those that may be more significant for the senior. It’s a good idea for you to begin looking at the layout of your home from the perspective of your aging mother before she moves in. Make sure the bathroom, kitchen, stairs, and other parts of the house are safe for her, especially if she is trying to get around on her own when nobody else is there.

Finally, it would be prudent to discuss the prospect of hiring a home care aide for your mother before she moves in. The more you learn about home care services and the benefits they offer seniors, the more you will realize that this may very well be the best option, and it may also help your mother remain in the comfort of our own home, if she prefers.

If you or an aging loved one are considering help for family caregivers in Fairfield, CT, or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Fairfield, CT at 203-923-8866.

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