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Gardening Tips for Seniors Relying on Home Care Support

Home Care Options for Seniors in Bristol CT

Home Care Options for SeniorsIt’s spring and that means it’s time for people to begin planning a garden, if they want to grow vegetables this season. Gardening is a wonderful activity for people of any age, including seniors. Just because an elderly individual may require home care support in the form of a home care aide, that doesn’t mean he or she has to give up on their ambitions to garden once again this year.

It may require more physical support from others, including a home care aide, friends, or even family members or neighbors. As long as they have that level of physical support, here are some gardening tips that can make this process easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

Gardening Tip #1: Plan early.

Whether it’s still winter, the earliest days of spring, or well into late April or mid-May, it’s never too early to begin planning a garden. The sooner planning begins, the easier it will be for the senior and/or his or her support system to make arrangements, not just for tilling the soil, but for planning which plants and vegetables they will sow this year.

Gardening Tip #2: Don’t plant too early, though.

In just about any part of the country, there is a risk of frost into April. That’s why it’s a good idea to not even consider planting anything that could begin growing and then be destroyed by a late frost.

Gardening Tip #3: Find neighborhood kids looking for work.

Tilling the soil and getting it ready for a garden can be extremely challenging, physically. A senior who has balance related issues or simply doesn’t have the strength or health that will allow them to do this safely and effectively may rely on neighborhood kids, such as young teenagers, who are looking for odd jobs to do to make some money.

It’s important to pay a fair wage for the work being performed when they find that neighborhood teenager willing to help them till the soil.

Gardening Tip #4: Protect the garden from scavengers.

Deer, rabbits, and other animals can scavenge an assortment of plants and vegetables. There is little that can be done to prevent rabbits and other small creatures from sneaking in, but there are ways to protect against damage from larger animals, including deer.

By planning ahead, the senior and the home care aide can make this year’s gardening endeavors successful. The month of April is National Garden Month, and these tips can certainly lay the foundation for a fun and productive gardening season ahead.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care options for seniors in Bristol, CT, or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Bristol at 860-597-3924.

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