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What to Know About Home Care Aides and Pets

Home Care Options for Seniors in Stamford CT

Home Care Options for Seniors in Stamford CTHome care aides can offer many benefits to seniors. They can provide physical support, emotional support and encouragement, companionship, and may even offer transportation to bring the senior to a doctor’s appointment, the store, and even to visit with friends.

There are many options when it comes to home care support and one of those may very well be the opportunity for the elderly individual to keep a beloved pet. Cats and dogs are the most common pets people have in the United States today. A larger dog, though, can be a potential hazard to an elderly individual who has less strength, more difficulty maintaining their balance, or is struggling to get around on his own safely.

A larger dog, even one that is considered ‘medium-sized’ has the potential to get overly excited, pull on the leash, and that can cause the senior to lose his balance and fall down. If an elderly person falls, they are at a significantly increased risk of becoming seriously injured. In fact, falls are the number one cause of accidental death among seniors.

The risk of injuries from a fall increase with age and physical strength. Here are some things to know about pet ownership, seniors who require support, and home care aides.

A home care aide may be willing to help support caring for the pet.

Not all home care aides will be amenable to working with seniors or other disabled adults who have pets. Some may be allergic or have specific fears about some type of pets.

However, the vast majority of home care aides across the country are more than willing to help the senior care for their pet properly. This can include feeding the animal, helping to clean out the litter box for a cat, or assisting the senior in taking the dog for a walk.

Be open and honest when looking for a home care aide.

It’s important to let the potential home care aide or agency know about the pet or pets the senior has. This will allow the caregiver to determine whether or not this is a client they want to work with. It will also provide the agency with a better understanding of the needs for the elderly individual.

Pets can be extremely beneficial for people of all ages, especially seniors who live alone. Research has shown that the simple act of petting an animal can help lower blood pressure, stress, and anxiety for seniors who may be dealing with an assortment of physical and health related challenges.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Stamford, CT please contact the caring staff at Fairfield Family Care at 203-295-3477.

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