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A Healthy Salad Every Day Can Reduce Stress as a Family Caregiver

Caregiver Stress in Danbury CT

Caregiver StressWhat we eat has a direct impact on our lives. That’s because good health starts with a good diet. Even for the extremely busy family caregiver who is under a great deal of stress, making time to sit down and eat a healthy meal can actually help reduce that stress.

Why A Salad is Good For Reducing Stress

It’s not so much salad, per se, that can help reduce stress. It’s the fact that sitting down and eating better is giving the body nutrients it needs to function at optimal levels.

Unfortunately, many family caregivers get into the habit of grabbing meals to eat on the go. And that becomes a habit, they have a tendency to stop by certain fast food restaurants. Even sit down restaurants are now providing takeout service and just because it may seem to be a healthier option, it’s not.

A healthy salad should include many different vegetables, including cucumbers, peppers, carrots, celery, and tomatoes (even though tomatoes are actually a fruit). Depending on the person’s palette, they may prefer to have a chef salad, which would include some types of meat, including chicken, ham and cheese, and so on.

Picking up a salad from a fast food restaurant may seem easy and convenient, too, but it’s not the most practical solution. What’s best is for the senior to take some time out of their busy schedule and prepare a salad for themselves at home.

But there’s no time, so that’s not a reasonable option, is it?

This may be the most common excuse people have when they are a family caregiver. “I don’t have time to make a salad, so why would I bother even considering it?”

The whole point is to make time. Just because the family caregiver who is under a lot of stress gets up at five in the morning, gets out the door by six, stops by their mother’s house to check in on her on their way to work, works through lunch, then rushes back over to their mother’s house to help her with the laundry, housekeeping, and getting ready for bed doesn’t mean she can’t find time for herself.

Relying on professional home care services can allow just about any family caregiver the time he or she needs to eat healthy, get exercise, and do what’s necessary to stay healthy. Stress, whether the result of a caregiver, finances, or anything else, is nothing to ignore.

Caregiver stress is a serious issue and making time to eat healthy is a good place to start to alleviate it from your life.

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