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An Occupational Therapist May Improve Safety for Seniors at Home

Senior Home Safety in Milford CT

Senior Home SafetyOccupational therapists can provide a great support for seniors, especially those who have recently been hospitalized or face certain physical limitations or challenges.

Basically, an occupational therapist helps people re-learn how to perform some basic tasks necessary for daily life. This could be needed following an accident that resulted in significant injuries, a long hospital stay whereby the muscles became atrophied, following a stroke or aneurysm, or many other potential emergency situations.

While an occupational therapist will work with an individual, usually for several weeks or many months, the more effort the person puts into the activities and exercises they are prescribed, the sooner they will get back to being able to manage at least some aspect of their basic daily life.

It will also improve safety for them at home, especially for seniors.

For example, somebody who was hospitalized following a stroke may no longer be able to use one side of their body. This will require a significant level of physical support, either from a spouse or home care aides. If their doctor expects them to regain at least some mobility, they may have to relearn how to perform some basic tasks around the house.

This could include bathing, washing themselves, and even going to the bathroom. Just imagine if you could no longer use your dominant arm for one reason or another. How complicated or difficult would it be for you to properly clean yourself following a trip to the bathroom?

An occupational therapist helps people work through these new challenges and learn new skills or relearn old ones in a different way.

The more capable a person is with regard to taking care of themselves, the safer they can be, especially seniors at home. Senior home safety is an important topic to consider because as people age, they will face physical challenges, limitations, and a loss of strength throughout the body. Even seniors who exercise regularly will continue to experience less strength each and every year.

Following any surgery or other medical emergency that caused the hospitalization, an occupational therapist can be an invaluable resource and support system that can provide them new skills and the opportunity to remain safe within the comfort of their own home.

While working with an occupational therapist, it’s also highly recommended that seniors call on the services of a home care aide or series of aides to provide them support while they strengthen themselves and regain these new skills.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Milford, CT, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare. Call today (203) 713-8446.

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