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Dad Playing Sports May Just Reduce the Risk of a Hospital Readmission

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Milford CT

Reduce Hospital Readmission RatesCan you imagine your 78-year-old father playing sports? Maybe you can’t, but if he has a physical capability of doing so, it may actually help him reduce the risk of hospital readmission.

He may have been hospitalized recently following a heart attack. Before he was discharged and sent home, his doctor probably provided him a great deal of information, including how important it is to stay active and get exercise daily.

The heart is a muscle and requires exercise, just as every other muscle in the body does.

Your father might not be able to compete at a high level or even run very far or fast, and he may even require some support at times, but that doesn’t mean he has to give up on the idea of enjoying some competitive action.

There are plenty of sports that seniors enjoy playing every day. Some of them are low impact and don’t require a great deal of physical exertion. Shuffleboard and bocce are just two that can be named.

Tennis is also popular among many seniors. The most popular sport for elderly individuals may very well be golf.

When your father is discharged and sent home from the hospital, he will be in what is considered the recovery phase. It could take several weeks or even months for your father to get back to his full physical strength and ability. He may not regain all of his physical strength, though, depending on how much muscle was lost due to a lengthy stay in the hospital.

Always check with the doctor first.

Your father should call his doctor and check to make sure it’s safe for him to take part in a certain type of sport, whether it’s golf, tennis, or something else. If the doctor says he can certainly pursue that activity, then he should be encouraged to do so by everyone.

If he requires some type of physical support at times to remain steady on his feet, a home care aide can be a great asset.

An experienced home care aide can support your father, helping him get up and down stairs, maintain his balance, and continue to pursue activities that are most important to him. By having something to look forward to every day, it will increase the likelihood that your father will exercise, eat healthy, and realize that he can still enjoy a high quality of life, as long as he does the right things for his health and well-being.

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