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The Little White Lie Involving Seniors and Safety at Home

Senior Home Safety in Stamford CT

Senior Home Safety People age. There’s no way around it. If you’re lucky, your parents, siblings, and other family members are going to reach a ‘ripe old age’ and still be around to enjoy all the major milestones in your life as well as possibly your own children or grandchildren.

Just because people get older doesn’t mean everything stays the same. Time is the most unkind adversary anyone faces and it is relentless. No matter what we do, no matter how often we exercise or how well we eat every day, it’s not going to change the fact that the older we get, the more likely were going to face increased health risks, less strength and mobility, and maybe other balance related issues.

In order to keep a senior safe at home, it’s important that everyone, including their family and other support system, is honest about the situation as it unfolds. The little white lie involving seniors and safety at home involves people telling themselves, and everyone around them, that things are okay, that everything is fine, that there’s nothing to worry about.

What that little white lie can do.

It can certainly provide comfort to the individual at that moment, especially when they get in the car to head home for the evening, and while it may be mostly true, they know deep down it’s not completely true.
Somebody telling themselves that their elderly mother or father is fine, that they don’t need help or support, that they will make it up the stairs and into bed safely could be putting their own loved one at risk.

It’s difficult to try and convince an aging mother or father, for example, that home care is something to talk about. Many seniors, when they are still capable of getting around on their own without support, don’t see the need for home care aide. However, any loss of strength that impacts balance has the potential to lead to a serious fall and subsequent injuries.

The best thing anyone can do when they find themselves having to tell a little white lie, either to themselves, their aging mother or father, or another family member, is to revisit the situation. Analyze it from an objective perspective.

Anyone who has had concerns about their loved one’s safety at home needs to deal with it head-on. That means learning as much as possible about home care services and other options.

When they do, they will be in a better position to bring up the topic with their loved one and that can lead to improved safety in the future.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Stamford, CT, or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Stamford, CT at 203-661-6969.

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