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What to Do When Dad’s Waiting for Veterans Home Care Approval

Care for Aging Veterans in East Haven CT

Care for Aging Veterans Your elderly father finally agreed to apply for the Aid and Attendance Benefit through the VA. He might have been avoiding filling out the application and submitting it because he didn’t want to admit his limitations. He didn’t want to admit he might actually require home care support.

There are certain qualifications that need to be met in order to qualify for this particular pension made available through the VA, and one of them is a necessity for home care.

There are several ways elderly veterans (and veterans of all ages, in fact) can prove that home care is absolute necessity, but perhaps the best is through a doctor’s recommendation.

Now that your father finally filled out the application and submitted it, he could end up having to wait many months for approval. Due to budgetary constraints and a backlog at the VA, it can take nine months or even longer for veterans to hear back on certain pension applications, including for the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

What can your father do in the meantime?

If your father contacts a qualified and experienced home care agency in the area, they may be able to provide assistance and support he needs now while the application is pending.

It’s best not to wait for support that may be necessary. If he waits or tries to rely on friends or neighbors, maybe even a few family members who live in the area, he could be putting himself at unnecessary risk. If an elderly individual falls and is injured, there is a significant increase with regard to risk of not recovering or surviving another year.

There is no need to go through that unnecessary risk, especially when home care is the most affordable senior care option for everyone, veterans and others. Just because the VA is backlogged and is slow to react to the needs of their members, those veterans who served their country, that doesn’t mean your father has to wait and put himself at unnecessary risk.

He should contact the home care agency, sit down with an administrator, and determine what options are available for him right now. If he is limited on income through a pension, that Aid and Attendance Benefit is going to be incredibly important, but that doesn’t mean he can’t begin receiving proper support and care within the comfort of his home while awaiting approval for that pension.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in East Haven, CT. Please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare East Haven. Call today: (203) 691-5071.

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