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Summer Safety Concerns at Home for the Aging Loved One

Senior Home Safety in Bristol CT

Senior Home SafetyIt’s easy to get caught up in worrying about an elderly loved one, especially if they have shown signs of not being as safe at home as they used to. When people get older, they will eventually deal with a number of physical challenges and limitations. Their physical capabilities can make it more difficult to maintain their balance, get up and down stairs, and essentially stay safe.

During the summer, many people enjoy going outside, heading to the beach, or doing other outdoor activities, especially on the weekends when they’re not at work. That enjoyment can be limited when an aging parent or other family member is struggling to stay safe at home.

There are numerous safety concerns somebody might have regarding their aging mother or father, for example. Here are some common summer safety concerns to think about, and solutions to help improve safety for the senior at home.

Summer Safety Concern #1: Falling.

This is the number one concern most people have with regard to safety for an elderly loved one at home. It doesn’t matter whether it’s summertime, winter, or any other time of the year; the risk of falling is a very real and serious issue.

Focusing on improving safety at home, including securing loose steps and installing grab bars in the tub or shower surround are just a couple of simple measures that can be taken to help improve safety. Relying on a home care aide can also be beneficial.

Summer Safety Concern #2: Walking outdoors.

Just the simple act of walking outside the house and strolling around the property has the potential to lead to serious falls and injuries for seniors, especially if they have limited balance.

Relying on a home care aide to support the senior means somebody would be there to help provide them the physical support the need to stay safe on those simple walks, or even when gardening.

Summer Safety Concerns #3: The sun.

Keeping seniors safe may also mean helping them stay focused on protecting themselves against the sun’s strong ultraviolet rays. Using sunscreen, wearing hats, and wearing wraparound sunglasses may all be necessary to not only protect the senior against damage from the sun, but it can also keep them safer.

Summer Safety Concern #3: Snow blindness.

Even though it’s not snowing in the summer, going indoors from outside on a bright sunny day can create the same challenges as snow blindness. The senior should be encouraged to wait inside the door for as long as it takes for their eyes to adjust to indoor lighting compared to the sunlight outside. This will help prevent tripping and falling over items they don’t see when they first step indoors.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Bristol, CT or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Bristol at 860-597-3924.

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