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4 Signs of Safety Issues Experienced Caregivers Notice

Home Care Options for Seniors in Milford CT

Home Care Options for SeniorsThe more experience you have doing something, the easier it is to spot problems before they become major issues. For seniors, whether they live alone or not, safety is often a concern, whether for them or their family members and friends.

There are plenty of home care options available to elderly individuals from all walks of life and with all sorts of health issues or physical limitations. It’s easy to dismiss the notion of hiring a home care aide because an 80-year-old can still take care of himself, for the most part, but it’s those safety issues that are easily overlooked that can become major concerns and should be addressed.

Here are for signs of safety issues more experienced caregivers will likely notice, which can lead to a safer home environment for seniors from all walks of life.

Safety Sign #1: No grab bars.

An experienced caregiver will understand the value grab bars can provide that keep a senior safe, especially when they try to get into and out of the shower. Having a shower seat is also beneficial because the elderly person won’t have to stand the entire time to bathe, which can cause fatigue in their legs, and increase the risk of slipping and falling when stepping back out of the tub.

Grab bars are most commonly used in tubs and shower surround, but they can also be assets around toilets.

Safety Sign #2: Debris outside on walking areas.

Whether it’s a wheelchair ramp or a walkway, sticks, leaves, and other debris can be tripping hazards. As we move toward autumn, the debris is going to pile up more quickly, so it’s a good idea to have somebody come by and clear those walkways on a consistent and regular basis.

Safety Sign #3: Loose steps.

An experienced homecare aide who may be going to the basement to get the laundry up for the elderly client might notice a loose step. What would happen if the senior were to walk down to the basement on his or her own? That loose step could cause them to lose their balance, fall, and be seriously injured, or worse.

Safety Sign #4: Stuff left in open walking areas.

Tripping hazards should never be tolerated when elderly individuals are walking around, especially in their own home. A shopping bag, pocketbook, box, and just about anything else that gets left in common walking areas can be a potential tripping hazard.
There is great value in calling on the services of an experienced homecare aide from an agency, and when you consider safety as a top priority, there should be no excuse not to seriously discuss this important topic with a loved one.


If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Milford, CT, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare. Call today (203) 713-8446.

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