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Balancing Freedom, Support, and Safety for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Care in Norwalk CT

Alzheimer's Care in Norwalk CTBeing diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease can completely change a person’s life. It can change their outlook, the plans they had for their future, their relationships, and much more. In most situations, when this type of diagnosis completely transforms a person’s life, it’s usually due to a lack of information.

Most people have a tendency to assume memory loss is the most significant signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It certainly is significant, but that doesn’t mean the senior has to give up everything he or she enjoys at the moment.

It’s essential that people enjoy freedom as much as possible.

During the first years living with this disease, the memory loss is going to affect daily life more frequently and more significantly. In the beginning, an elderly individual might have difficulty keeping track of conversations they just had. They may put something down and completely forget where they left it within a matter of minutes.

Some of that type of memory loss is not much different than a much younger individual may experience when undergoing a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. Some people have a tendency to pass off those early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease as nothing more than part of the aging process.

However, as the disease continues to progress, the senior will likely begin using the wrong word at times, being completely unaware of their mistake. They might forget appointments, that a family member or friend was going to stop by the next day, and more.

With increased memory loss can come the sense of reduced freedom.

When a person has to rely on others for reminders, physical support, or to be safe, it may feel like being trapped. When having an adult child, for example, be their primary caregiver as the years progress, it can feel even more daunting.

That’s because a lot of family caregivers are more focused on keeping their loved ones safe and not really thinking about quality of life. Quality of life is essential for everyone, including those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Experienced home care aides understand the difficult balancing act that can exist within the realm of support for somebody with Alzheimer’s. They know it’s essential to ensure their safety, and to understand their limitations. However, they also understand through a lot of experience how important it is to stay active and engaged in life.

There’s a fine balance between freedom, support, and safety for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and experienced home care aides are the best equipped to maintain that balance.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Norwalk,CT, please contact the caring staff at Sovereign Home Health today at 203-523-0331.

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Syd Kain

Syd is the Owner at Sovereign Home Health. Sovereign Home Health provides in-home care that makes a difference in the lives of seniors and other adults. Our clients and their families trust their care to us. Whether part-time companionship services or 24/7 live-in home care, we provide the support and friendship that improves lives and enables independent living at home.

Sovereign Home Health is focused on caring for our clients throughout Connecticut and Northern, New Jersey.With two locations and services ranging from our personal care and companion care services to our 24/7 Never Alone Care, our specially trained and certified in-home caregivers can provide you with the care and freedom you or your loved one deserve.

Each of our clients has different care needs, and Sovereign Home Health provides a range of services that can be customized to fit their unique, individual client needs. To learn more about Sovereign Home Health or to set up a free comprehensive consultation, contact us today.

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