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Why Home Care Is a Good Idea for the Fall

Home Care For Seniors in Norwalk CT

Home Care For Seniors in Norwalk CTThere are plenty of reasons why home care is a great option any time of the year. First, an experienced home care aide can provide physical and emotional support for seniors and disabled adults. More often than not, people call on the services of home care providers for short-term support. Sometimes, it could lead to full-time care.

Now that summer is over, winter is looming in the not so distant future. Weather forecasters are already talking about snow in certain parts of the country. That may not be a welcome conversation or idea for many people, especially seniors, but it’s reality.

During fall, a home care aide can help seniors get ready for winter.

There are plenty of things that seniors and others can do to be more prepared for the winter months ahead. An experienced home care aide will have worked with other senior clients in the past, probably from the previous several seasons. Here are a few reasons why a home care aide can help support the senior this fall.

Paying attention to weather forecasts.

When going for a walk or heading out for the day, the daytime temperature could be quite mild, but the evening temperatures could get quite cool. The more experience a caregiver has, the more likely he or she is going to encourage their elderly client to bring along some extra layers of clothing.

This will help avoid potentially uncomfortable or even unsafe situations from arising. It may also help reduce the risk of developing pneumonia or other illnesses.

Focusing on lighting.

An experienced caregiver will pay attention to the lighting throughout the house. As the daytime hours get shorter and night continues to encroach on the evening, it’s important that the home is well illuminated. If it isn’t or some of the lights are on timers, a home care aide can adjust those timers to make sure they come on at a reasonable hour.

Checking the heating system.

This past summer was extremely warm across most of the country. It’s not easy to transition to start thinking about the winter heating season ahead. However, now is the perfect time to have the furnace or other heating system in the house inspected, cleaned, and properly maintained.

This will help increase the chances it operates as designed each and every time the thermostat calls for it to be turned on. This can improve safety and comfort for the senior at home.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Norwalk, CT, please contact the caring staff at Comfort Keepers of Lower Fairfield County today at 203-629-5029

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Dennis Patouhas

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Established Comfort Keepers of Lower Fairfield County with wife Marian in 2001. We were the 61st of what now numbers over 750 offices nationally. The genesis was our experience with the care of seven elderly relatives, along with the need to provide more options to seniors who want to remain in their own homes but are challenged without safe, reliable services. With over 15 years in the home care industry, our office was at the forefront of this emerging industry and helped develop consumer awareness of this alternative to caring for the elderly and disabled.

Served as a member of National Advisory Committee, advisors to the Comfort Keepers Franchisor and past chairman of the Branding Committee. Past vice president of the Connecticut Chapter of the Homecare Association of America, an industry advocacy organization. The association provides industry and consumer education on issues of homecare as well as support and educational standards setting for the “employee based” homecare industry. Responsible for legislative development, worked with local and state legislators on rules and laws improving consumer and employee protection.

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