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Dad Won’t Take His Medication: Now What?

Alzheimer’s Care in Trumbull CT

When your father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it may have been a blow to the family. Some of you may have worried about this being a reality, at least during the past couple of years because you noticed him having difficulty keeping track of appointments, certain medications he was supposed to be taking, and even conversations he had recently.

Alzheimer's Care in Trumbull CT

Alzheimer’s Care in Trumbull CT

No one really wanted to talk about the prospect he could be dealing with Alzheimer’s. It was passed off as senility or the natural process of aging.

The reality is beginning to sink in now.

Now you are all starting to understand the challenges your father is going to face in the months and years ahead. You’ve been rallying around him, supporting him and your mother the best way you know how.

Some of you may take him to appointments, to the store, or just sit with him, play games, watch a movie together. That’s a great start, but what happens when he is not taking his medication?

Can you force him to take medication?

No, you cannot. If he requires certain medications for his health, safety, or as another part of the treatment process for Alzheimer’s, it might be necessary to consult his doctor, possibly hire a visiting nurse, or take other steps, but neither you nor any other family member or friend has any legal right to force this upon him.

You can certainly offer him reminders.

It’s a good idea to try and get to the bottom of the reason why he is adamantly opposed to taking his medication. Is it true that he refuses or is it more a matter of him not understanding what the medication can offer him, not remembering and getting frustrated with the fact he can’t remember when he is supposed to take certain things, or is it something else entirely?

Maybe you’ve been calling him, stopping by, or encouraging your mother to remind him about certain medications and he still refuses. Is he paranoid? Does he think these medications are controlling his mind, his thoughts, or some underhanded attempt to take over his life?

Paranoia can be real for some people. It can be deep. Some medication side effects could have certain psychological repercussions. Consult his doctor. Have him call his doctor and talk about this situation. He might have questions that need to be answered.

If you try to force this upon him, you can not only potentially be violating the law, but also creating a much bigger problem with regard to trust between you and him and other people supporting him in the future.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Alzheimer’s care in Trumbull, CT, please contact the caring staff at Sovereign Home Health today at 203-523-0331.

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