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When You Need a Break as a Caregiver, Be Sure to Get One

Caregiver Stress in Greenwich CT

Why do people get to earn vacation time at most jobs? Has nothing to do with the law. It has to do with the recognition that everyone needs a break every once in a while. If you were to work every single day of the week, every week of the year, for years on end, guess what would happen?

You would come burned out quite quickly.

If you don’t get a break, especially as a family caregiver, the same thing will happen. You may not see your life as a family caregiver as a job, but it certainly is. It requires the same focus and determination you may provide to your full-time job.

You might not be giving that right now, and you may assume there’s no possible way for you to take any time off. After all, your parent, grandparent, or other loved one needs you every single day. If you don’t help, who will?

This is often the problem many family caregivers face; they don’t see any other option besides offering this support and assistance themselves. However, you fail to realize the value in an experienced and professional home care aide.

What happens when you don’t get a break as a family caregiver?

One of the first things that happens is your stress levels increase. At first you may have assumed this will be a relatively easy job. No big deal, right?

After a few weeks, though, recognizing you haven’t been able to sit down and enjoy a good, wholesome TV show or your favorite guilty pleasure can begin creeping in. The more it creeps in, the more you begin thinking about it.

You may have arguments with your spouse or significant other. You may neglect your friends. Before long the stress continues to build. Then you begin losing your patience and temper with that elderly family member who has been relying on you every single day for months.

The relationship can become damaged, you could lose sight of why you’re doing this in the first place, and safety issues could easily be overlooked.

The best way to get a break is to hire a home care aide.

Most people have the incorrect assumption that a home care aide has to be working full time. You can hire somebody through an agency for just two hours a day. You can hire that person for one or two days a week to start. That could give you some clear indication about what you’ve been missing out on and how beneficial a break can be.

If you don’t get a break, the stress of a caregiver will only increase.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering in-home senior care in Greenwich, CT, please contact the caring staff at Comfort Keepers of Greenwhich, CT. Call today: (203) 266-1227

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Dennis Patouhas

Having 40 plus years’ experience in finance, accounting, project management has enabled me to borrow upon experiences and disciplines from each to develop and grow a leading business in the Home Care market.

Established Comfort Keepers of Lower Fairfield County with wife Marian in 2001. We were the 61st of what now numbers over 750 offices nationally. The genesis was our experience with the care of seven elderly relatives, along with the need to provide more options to seniors who want to remain in their own homes but are challenged without safe, reliable services. With over 15 years in the home care industry, our office was at the forefront of this emerging industry and helped develop consumer awareness of this alternative to caring for the elderly and disabled.

Served as a member of National Advisory Committee, advisors to the Comfort Keepers Franchisor and past chairman of the Branding Committee. Past vice president of the Connecticut Chapter of the Homecare Association of America, an industry advocacy organization. The association provides industry and consumer education on issues of homecare as well as support and educational standards setting for the “employee based” homecare industry. Responsible for legislative development, worked with local and state legislators on rules and laws improving consumer and employee protection.

Host and Producer of An informative talk show on issues of getting older. Also authored numerous articles on the elderly and aging related issues.