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The Importance of Planning for the Future

How important is planning? Most people understand that planning for certain things is essential for their success. Few people will wake up one morning with their family, say they’re going to take a trip and go on vacation, grab a few items of clothing, toiletries, and other knickknacks, get in the car and drive to some random destination and actually have an enjoyable time. They need to plan. The same goes true for veterans.

But what do veterans have to plan for?

Care for Aging Veterans in Danbury CT: Planning for the Future

Care for Aging Veterans in Danbury CT: Planning for the Future

Like anyone else, a veteran should be planning for their future. They should think about the possibility of requiring some type of care and support at home. It may only be temporary, such as following major surgery or injuries sustained in an accident. No one can really predict the future and accidents are going to happen. Health issues are going to arise.

What if a veteran needs home care but can’t afford it?

As more people reach retirement age, including veterans, far too many of them never even consider the prospect of relying on home care support services. They simply don’t think it’s going to be necessary.

If a veteran is on a limited income, either through a pension, disability payment, Social Security, or something else, and doesn’t have enough assets, they may assume hiring a home care aide is simply not possible.

After all, for somebody who is barely making ends meet, whose income barely covers their basic living expenses, how could they even consider the prospect of hiring outside support? They might rely on family and friends, but that’s not always the best option, especially if there are better options available.

Consider the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

If a veteran is considered a wartime veteran, meaning he or she served at least one day during a time of official combat, which includes the Korean War, World War II, the Gulf War, and the Vietnam War, they may be eligible for the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

The more they learn about this particular pension, and others through the VA, the more they can prepare to fill out the application and submit it in the event home care becomes absolutely essential. The sooner a veteran applies for this particular pension, the better it’s going to be. That’s because it can take upwards of nine months or even longer for the application to be processed and approved.

No one wants to think about it, but planning for the possibility of needing home care is a great idea, for veterans and everyone else.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring in-home care for an aging veteran in Danbury, CT, please contact the caring staff at Sovereign Home Health today. Call today (203) 642-1924.

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Syd Kain

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