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Springtime Safety Risks for Seniors

Spring is a great time of year for millions of people. It means we got through winter and summer is just around the corner. For some seniors, though, safety issues can increase in certain aspects with the warming weather.

Below are a few springtime safety issues to be concerned about for any senior who’s living at home, whether they’re alone or not.

Springtime Safety Risk #1: Cold weather at night.

Senior Home Safety in Trumbull CT: Spring Safety

Senior Home Safety in Trumbull CT: Spring Safety

Even though the daytime temperatures are increasing and may get quite warm, it can still be cold at night. If the senior opens a window during the day to let some fresh air in the house (isn’t that wonderful?) they need to remember to close the window at night.

It’s also a good idea to make sure the home heating system is still working properly and efficiently. If it fails it may not lead to a life-threatening situation during the spring, but extreme cold temperatures are still possible from time to time, especially in the northern portion of the country.

Springtime Safety Risk #2: Severe weather can roll in.

The senior might go for a walk at a local park. It can be a leisurely stroll and the weather could be warm. In fact, it could be downright hot and humid, and the senior loves that. However, if they haven’t been paying attention to the weather forecast, they could be caught off guard as a severe thunderstorm rolls in quickly.

If the senior is not prepared and cannot walk fast enough to get to shelter, they could be caught in a suddenly dangerous situation.

Springtime Safety Risk #3: Lightning.

People in today’s modern society don’t seem to heed the warnings of lightning strikes as they should. If a person can hear thunder, they are close enough to be struck by lightning.

If the senior is out gardening, doing yard work, or at a park going for a walk, the moment they hear thunder, even if it sounds like it’s way off in the distance, they should begin making their way to some shelter, whether it’s their car or a building.

Springtime Safety Risk #4: Not being able to close windows quickly.

Opening old windows that may have been painted over several times might be a challenge, but if the humidity is high and there’s high wind or a storm rolling in, they might not be able to close them very easily.

If the senior wants to remain safe while enjoying the spring weather, they should have adequate support. This can be best provided by an experienced home care aide.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring in-home care to improve senior home safety in Trumbull, CT, please contact the caring staff at Sovereign Home Health today. Call today (203) 642-1924.

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