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What Steps Should You Take If You Think Dad Might Have Dementia?

You begin noticing certain signs from your father that indicate a problem could have developed. You have noticed him forgetting certain conversations he recently had with you. He repeats himself a lot. He’s even been known to use the wrong word when talking and not even realizing it.

Alzheimer's Care in Ridgefield CT: What to do if you think Dad has Dementia

Alzheimer’s Care in Ridgefield CT: What to do if you Think Dad has Dementia

He might’ve once asked you recently, “Do you know where I put my jet?”

That’s certainly an odd question, isn’t it? For somebody developing dementia, which can include Alzheimer’s, this is one of the earliest signs and symptoms of the disease. Forgetting conversations and appointments, losing track of medications, and frequently using the wrong word, even though they normally would pick up on these mishaps easily can all be potential signs of Alzheimer’s.

If you begin noticing your father exhibiting some of the earliest signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia it’s absolutely essential that you encourage him to visit his doctor.

Only a trained medical professional can diagnose Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s is a long testing process. It’s also the only way to truly know whether your father is dealing with some form of dementia or some other potentially serious mental or physical health issue.

Certain prescription medications may be a contributing factor to memory loss, and if that’s the case his doctor should be made aware of what’s going on. If he is tested and it is determined that he is not developing Alzheimer’s or dementia, the doctor will likely look at other potential causes.

The human body and brain is an intricate, complicated machine. A simple health issue can cause memory related problems.

The most important thing is to not wait.

As soon as you begin to realize something may not be right and your father is exhibiting some symptoms of memory loss, confusion, or even unusual and unexpected behavior, that’s the moment you need to talk to him about visiting his doctor. Explain the potential risk factors and what it could mean.

Do not, under any circumstances, diagnose your father yourself. That will only lead to significant problems and potentially missed opportunities.

Also begin discussing potential care options in the future.

While he is still lucid, talk about services and other potential elder care options he may wish to rely upon if and when that time comes that it’s needed. He has the right to decide what happens, but he also needs to understand what will happen in the future if he is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and as the symptoms progress.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Alzheimer’s care in Ridgefield, CT, please contact the caring staff at Sovereign Home Health today. Call today (203) 642-1924.

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