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Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s

By Jessica Lener, MSN, RN | Jul 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

Alzheimer’s Care: When Ronald Regan announced to the world that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1994, he joined one of approximately 2 million American’s suffering from this degenerative brain disease (Rothman, 2016). A little over twenty years later, we now have more than 5 million people who have been diagnosed and are in various stages of the disease process. Prolonged life expectancy, the number of baby-boomers reaching an older age, and the advances in science and early detection have all contributed to this increase. 

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What Steps Should You Take If You Think Dad Might Have Dementia?

By Syd Kain | Jun 1, 2017 | 0 Comments
Alzheimer's Care in Ridgefield CT: What to do if you think Dad has Dementia

You begin noticing certain signs from your father that indicate a problem could have developed. You have noticed him forgetting certain conversations he recently had with you. He repeats himself a lot. He’s even been known to use the wrong word when talking and not even realizing it. He might’ve once asked you recently, “Do…

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Dad is Displaying Odd Behaviors as Alzheimer’s Progresses, What Should You Do?

By Jay Kiley | Dec 19, 2016 | 0 Comments
Alzheimer's Care in Fairfield CT

Alzheimer’s Care in Fairfield CT When your father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you didn’t know what to expect. You knew about memory loss and were worried about the time he might no longer recognize you. You sat up late at night thinking about that situation, playing the scenario in your head, worrying about how it…

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Dad Won’t Take His Medication: Now What?

By Syd Kain | Dec 12, 2016 | 0 Comments
Alzheimer's Care in Trumbull CT

Alzheimer’s Care in Trumbull CT When your father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it may have been a blow to the family. Some of you may have worried about this being a reality, at least during the past couple of years because you noticed him having difficulty keeping track of appointments, certain medications he was supposed…

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