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RSS Family Caregiving Articles from SYNERGY HomeCare Fairfield

  • How Can Home Care Help Aging Veterans Stay Active? March 29, 2017
    Winter can be a tough season, especially for those men and women who have difficulty getting around. For veterans, especially those who may have been injured or disabled in some incident or who have reached a certain age and have difficulty getting around, winter can mean far too many days stuck inside. When winter finally […]
  • Spring Is Here, but That Doesn’t Mean Home Care Is No Longer Necessary March 22, 2017
    Just because spring has arrived doesn’t mean that an elderly individual who needed extra assistance during the winter is no longer going to require help. The need for home care support can come at any time of the year and it can last for months or even years. The warmer weather, though, can cause people […]
  • Learning to Listen to Dad Who’s Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s March 14, 2017
    March is International Listening Awareness Month and just because your father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s doesn’t mean you know what’s best for him. It also doesn’t mean that he gives up his rights to certain things in life. He has various inalienable rights. As the disease progresses it will steal more and more memory […]

RSS Family Caregiving Articles from SYNERGY HomeCare Danbury

  • National Gratitude Month: Being Thankful Leads to Happiness November 20, 2017
    Because November is National Gratitude Month, individuals and organizations across the country are working hard to create an attitude of gratitude. From schools and churches to businesses and communities, people everywhere are focusing on what they are thankful for as they embrace National Gratitude Month. Family caregivers that live with or take care of an […]
  • How Do You Handle Thanksgiving When Your Mom Has Dementia and Hates Crowds? November 16, 2017
    Until this year, you've always held Thanksgiving at your mom's house. She has dementia and crowds are suddenly an issue. She cannot stand having people in her home. She also hates going to other people's homes. How do you handle Thanksgiving this year? Trim the Guest List How many people will your mom allow in […]
  • Tips for Caring for an Elderly Adult in the Middle Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease November 7, 2017
    Experts say that the average life expectancy for an elderly adult living with Alzheimer’s disease from the time of diagnosis is four to eight years. Depending on health and care, and thanks to advancements in treatments, however, many of these seniors are living much longer. This means that as a family caregiver, you need to […]

RSS Family Caregiving Articles from SYNERGY HomeCare Bristol

  • Five reasons to hire a geriatric care manager, and one reason perhaps not to. April 12, 2017
    Feeling anxious and overwhelmed as a family caregiver? A geriatric care manager can relieve your stress by helping you make caregiving decisions, navigate the elder care system, and supervise care. Occasionally on this blog I write about things I wish I had done differently as a care partner for my mother, Judy, who lived with […]
  • Tips for Keeping Your Parent Safe during Talk About Prescriptions Month September 27, 2016
    Home Care in Plymouth CT If your aging parent is like many elderly adults, they take at least one, likely several, medications on a regular basis to help them treat or manage health complications, issues, or illnesses. While these medications are an important part of maintaining their health and helping them to live the highest […]
  • 4 Tips that Can Help Caregivers to Be More Aware of Trigger and Anxiety Issues for Loved Ones September 20, 2016
    Caregivers in New Britain CT If your loved one is prone to issues with anxiety, it can help to understand what her triggers are. In many cases, there is a specific trigger that you can note and avoid. In other cases, though, the instigating action may be more subtle. Be Aware of Anniversaries and Birthdays […]

RSS Family Caregiving Articles from SYNERGY HomeCare Stamford

  • Why Isn't Your Elderly Loved One Eating? March 29, 2017
    It's disturbing to see your loved one eating less and less and feeling powerless to do anything about it. Because you're her family caregiver, it becomes your job to look for potential causes so that you can help her to start eating properly again. It may take a little bit of detective work, but one […]
  • Mom Wants to Exercise, But You're Worried It’s Not Safe March 22, 2017
    You have been worried about your mother’s safety for some time. You know she’s not exactly the safest person at home and lately she’s been talking about getting involved in various exercise routines. You can’t believe what you’re hearing. After all, this senior’s safety is not the best at home or anywhere else. You’ve been […]
  • Symptoms of Diabetes in your Aging Parent March 15, 2017
    As a caregiver for your parent, you are on the frontlines. You see changes that may be taking place in their behavior and physical condition that even they may not be aware of. With the prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes in seniors, it’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms. The sooner treatment […]