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The Importance of Planning for the Future

By Syd Kain | Apr 4, 2017

How important is planning? Most people understand that planning for certain things is essential for their success. Few people will wake up one morning with their family, say they’re going to take a trip and go on vacation, grab a few items of clothing, toiletries, and other knickknacks, get in the car and drive to…

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Commonly Misunderstood Terms of the Aid and Attendance Benefit

By Dennis Patouhas | Nov 8, 2016

Care For Aging Veterans in Norwalk CT: Filling out the Aid and Attendance Benefit application is a great start for those veterans who may require some type of home care support and assistance. Not every veteran will qualify, but it is believed that few actually know about this particular pension.

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Home Care for Veterans in Need Is About More Than Just Physical Support

By Syd Kain | Oct 20, 2016

Care for Aging Veterans in Norwalk CT: It was a cold and dreary day in autumn. Thomas was feeling isolated and alone. He had been widowed for more than five years and many of the friends he made during his time in the Army had either moved or passed away. At 83, he knew time was running out for him, but he still had a zest for life that couldn’t be stilled easily.

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What to Do When Dad’s Waiting for Veterans Home Care Approval

By Valerie VanBooven RN BSN | Jul 6, 2016

Care for Aging Veterans in East Haven CT: Your elderly father finally agreed to apply for the Aid and Attendance Benefit through the VA. But what will he do while he waits?

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